Fresh Fruit Bouquets

Bunchilicious is the newest alternative trend in gift giving! Beautiful arrangements that both excite and entice most senses on every occasion. The smell of the wonderful aromas, the taste of the delicious fruits and chocolates, the heaviness of the bouquet and the pretty sight of the bouquet itself.

Every bouquet is as unique as our customer. From fun to sophisticated to even a bit edgy. It will always be a crowd pleaser. Not one bouquet can be repeated but can be created to look very similar.

Something to acknowledge is that fresh produce changes in seasonally throughout the year. We will always commit to compensating an ingredient with something just as beautiful in your bouquet.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Bouquets are most appealing in the first few days. Best to keep Bouquets in cool, shaded places to keep fresh throughout the day and night.

Ideal ordering time for a bouquet is two to three days in advance. Last minute orders may be accepted if stock for the bouquet you desire is on hand.
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